Warehouse Locations & Documents

by admin

Where are the planned locations?

  • 2766 Route 100 (south of Claussville/Kernsville intersection)
    • 312,120 SF warehouse on 43 acres
    • Developer: Trammel Crow Company
    • Landowner: Valerie (Karon/Werley) Scherf

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  •  7503 Kernsville Road (across from Creative Kids)
    • 100,570 SF warehouse on 21 acres
    • Developer: Core5 Industries Partners
    • Landowner: John Johnson III, et al

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  •  2951 Betz Court (at Kernsville Road)
    • 299,880 SF warehouse on 51 acres
    • Developer: CRG Acquisitions, LLC
    • Landowner: George “Buddy” & Cheree Wessner

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The red square on the map below, shows the location of the detailed warehouse map above.